What is the Q-secure guarantee?

It’s simple.

We are so confident in the strength and performance of our greenteQ and associated hardware that we will pay your customers if they are broken into via your windows, doors or patios if the intrusion is down to the failure of a product covered by the guarantee.

We recognise that choosing an installer can be daunting for many people and that by offering them the added peace of mind that the Q-secure guarantee brings, more people will choose you as their supplier.

What does Q-secure give your customers?

In the event of a break in where access has been deemed to have been achieved due to a hardware failure VBH will:

  1. Pay up to £1750 towards the cost of employing an emergency locksmith, glazier or boarding up company to gain access or secure the property in the immediate aftermath of a break in.*
  2. Pay up to £3000 towards the cost of repairing or replacing the door or window.*
  3. Pay up to £2000 towards the customer’s insurance excess payment. We will pay the customer quickly after receiving the relevant paperwork.*
  4. Finally, we will make a goodwill payment to the end-customer of up to £1250, which we hope will go some way towards alleviating the distress caused by a break in.*    

*Figures quoted refer to Q-secure PREMIUM installations. Terms and conditions apply

So, how can we offer Q-secure?

VBH is the largest supplier of top quality window and door hardware and ancillaries. We have been supplying window and door manufacturers and installers across the globe since 1975 and have sales offices in around 30 countries, including 3 here in the UK. We employ more than 2000 people worldwide.

We have developed the premium quality greenteQ hardware brand. Our extensive R&D resources and investment in testing means that all greenteQ hardware is built to stand the test of time and to protect homes from unwanted intrusion.

As well as the respected greenteQ range we also supply many other top quality brands and we have pulled together the best under our Q-secure guarantee.

Of course, we believe in the quality and strength of the hardware that is fitted to Q-secure approved windows and doors so we’re confident that we will never have to pay out. However, we believe that by you offering your customers Q-secure you will achieve more business.

What products are included in the Q-secure guarantee?

Q-secure is based primarily around our own greenteQ products. However, as mentioned earlier we also supply products from other top brands that complement the greenteQ range.

We have put together a selection of hardware that has all been successfully tested to the relevant British Standards PAS 24 security test.

Click here to read more at the dedicated Q-secure website