greenteQ is our popular own strong hardware brand. Although greenteQ is offered globally by VBH, the UK has many requirements peculiar to our market, such as that for suited furniture, for example.

Because of this we have our own dedicated greenteQ design team in the UK, who work in tandem with their colleagues in the greenteQ design offices and manufacturing plants in Germany and Asia.

The UK team reads market trends to ensure that VBH customers have access to a constant stream of new top quality products to enable them to stay ahead of their competitors. 

We also respond to individual requirements and have developed many greenteQ products at the specific request of a customer or system house. 

The greenteQ range gives us the flexibility to react to customer demand and market trends quickly.

Our ethos is Innovation Without Limits and our goal is simple. All greenteQ products are designed to offer benefits to everyone in the supply chain from the specifier, through to fabricator, installer and, ultimately, the end-user.

Our UK greenteQ catalogue can be viewed via the link below. 

View UK greenteQ Catalogue