The expert supplier of window & door hardware and ancillaries

VBH supplies all the top brands as you'll read on the Strong Brands tab.

We are a trade supplier to manufacturers and installers of windows and doors made from PVCu, timber, aluminium, composites and steel.

We also carry a wide selection of products suited to repair specialists, online retailers and walk-in trade counters.

Our main stock lines are listed below. Where you see a download symbol just click on the link to view more information. Otherwise, please check out our catalogues or get in touch for help in finding your perfect product. 

Door Hardware

Emergency Exit Hardware - greenteQ, Adams Rite, Strand, Yale
Finger Protection - Strand Athmer
Finger Pulls & Circular Escutcheons - greenteQ
Flush Bolts/Finger Bolts - Axim, Yale
HandlesgreenteQ Standard, greenteQ Security, greenteQ Stainless Steel, Yale
Hinges - greenteQ T-Hinge for PVCu Doors greenteQ Flag, greenteQ Composite Door, greenteQ Hybrid, Roto, Yale
Knockers - greenteQ
Letterplates - greenteQ, Yale
Locks - greenteQ, Adams Rite, Roto, Yale
Profile Cylinders - greenteQ Gamma Standard, greenteQ Q-Star 1 Star, greenteQ Orion 3 StarYale Superior 1 Star, Yale Platinum 3 Star
Restrictors - greenteQ, Roto, Strand
Security Items - greenteQ, J.Banks, Yale 
Stable Door Locks - Yale


Outward Opening Window Hardware

Cockspur Window Handles - greenteQ, Securistyle/Yale
Espagnolettes - greenteQ, Roto
Espagnolette Window handles - greenteQ, Securistyle/Yale
Folding Openers - Strand
Friction Stays - greenteQ Standard & Restricted, greenteQ Egress & Egress/Easy Clean, Securistyle, Yale
Friction Stay Security Devices - greenteQ, Securistyle/Yale
Restrictors - greenteQ, J. Banks, Fenster, Roto, Securistye/Yale
Security Espagnolettes - greenteQ iQgreenteQ SecuritasRoto, Yale
Shootbolt Systems - greenteQ, Yale


Patio Door Hardware

Bi-Fold Door Hardware - greenteQ for 'System AF70', greenteQ Clearspan for Reynaers CF68 greenteQ for Sheerline greenteQ for Smart Systems, greenteQ Clearspan for Stellar 
Bi-Fold Door Handles - greenteQ SecuriFold, greenteQ CentreFold, greenteQ SlimFold, greenteQ Aspire, greenteQ BTG10 greenteQ Slim Lever/Lever
Inline Sliding Door Hardware - greenteQ, Roto, Yale
Lift/Slide Door Hardware - greenteQ ClearLIFT, greenteQ Aspire Handles
Tilt/Slide Hardware & Handles -greenteQ BTG10 


Tilt & Turn Hardware

Handles - greenteQ, AGB, Roto

Restrictors - greenteQ, J.Banks, Roto  
Tilt & Turn Systems for 16mm Eurogroove (Concealed & Surface Fix)  - AGB,  Roto 
Tilt & Turn Systems for 21/22mm Alu-Groove (Concealed & Surface Fix) - Roto 


Other Window Styles

Fully Reversible (Top Turn/Top Swing) - Yale 


Miscellaneous Products

Construction Chemicals (Adhesives, Cleaners, Lubricants, Care Products etc) - greenteQ, WD-40, Weiss-Chemie
Glazing Packers, Bridges, Wedges, Frame Packers etc 
Louvre Grilles - Made to measure
Ventilators - Yale