Our strategy

The world of door and window manufacturers is characterized by a special dynamic. On the one hand, the market places high demands on energy, security, safety and design. On the other hand, one has to withstand increasing price pressure and the associated need for process optimization. That requires a partner who is willing and able to work with you, rather than simply sell to you.

VBH is this partner: Reliable, Competent and Innovative. We develop and supply high quality hardware and furniture for window and door manufacture and installation, as well as consumables for the workshop and on site. Our quality products and customer-friendly team and service tools provide you with the best customer experience in the industry. We work with you to improve your and our processes and help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. This means that you, too, can offer your customers the greatest benefit, gain more business and be more profitable.

The result for you: an easier working day and significant savings. Are you curious about the added value of our products and concepts? Then take a look at our product range and services or contact us directly.

We believe that the best way for VBH to succeed is to help our customers to flourish. We continue to achieve our goal by offering the best customer service, innovative products and service tools that create added value that you will not find anywhere else in the industry.